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the Green River Drift. It is an

organization of cattle ranchers

who are members of the


The dedication for the Green

River Drift listing on the

National Register of Historic

Places was held on June 20,



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The Drift occurs for several weeks in the spring and the fall. The Drift is the oldest continually used stock drive in Wyoming. The Drift is not intended to be a tourist attraction, it is the local ranchers doing their jobs as part of their cattle operations. If you get too near, your presence can disturb the cattle and interrupt the flow of their movement.  Please view the activity from a distance.  You are less disruptive if you remain in your vehicle than if you get out. Cattle and cattle drives can be seen moving up and down the valley along US 352 between Cora and the Bridger-Teton National Forest boundary in the Upper Green in the spring and fall.  This is a narrow road with minimal shoulder width space. If you wish to photograph the drives along this stretch of road, it is suggested you scope out your vantage angles in advance and find a safe place to park your vehicle off the roadway. Please do not stand next to the Drift fence as cattle are moving by as your presence may frighten them and disturb their movement.  It is best to position yourself at a distance and use a telephoto lens on your camera to get zoomed-in shots. The Drift crosses private property in places and the public is not allowed on those sections without landowner permission - please do not tresspass.   Viewing can also be had at the sorting grounds at Trappers Point. This is a busy location during the fall sorting. If you go in, drive slowly and it is best to park your vehicle up at the top of the hill by the historical marker, then watch from a distance away from the activity and use a telephoto lens to get your photos. Please keep children and dogs away from the cattle and horses. If you are unsure what to do, please ask for direction.

More about the Drift

Green River Drift  Pinedale Online article, Oct. 7, 2004 (34 photos) History of the Green River Drift, Sublette Examiner, March, 2003 Green River Drift Chuckwagon  Compiled by Jonita Sommers Green River Drift  YouTube video

Listed on the


Register of


Places in 2014

The Green River Drift is the first ranching related Traditional Cultural Property listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the nation. 
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Green River Drift

Home Dedication The Drift Drift History Photo Gallery Contact

Further Reading & Research

For historical questions, a good reference is the

book, Green River Drift, written by Jonita Sommers.

She is part of the Sommers Ranch whose family has

been a long-time a member of the Association. This

book is out of print, however occasionally copies can

be found on the used book market and obtainable at

some libraries or through inter-library loan.